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What can we do for you?

Our Director or Golf, Ernie has developed a teaching program that is centered around time tested and proven, result oriented and, most importantly, easy to understand, means to improve your game while increasing your enjoyment level along the way. These are the cornerstones of our instruction and will provide you with an enjoyable experience that delivers better scores. This experience, providing you with drills and tools that increase your technique, is the key. We deliver two (2) guarantees:

  1. Your single most flagrant error will be identified. When this happens you have one area to work on as opposed to trying to fix too much too soon. Our diagnostic abilities are the best in the game – we will isolate your most egregious flaw and when you correct it, many other elements of the swing become more achievable.
  2. You will be given knowledge about the golf swing that will enable you to apply it to your swing. You will become so much “brighter” about the elements of the golf swing that you can’t help but get better.

Our teaching professionals will prove to you that there are four (4) positions all great golfers have in common. You will see video footage of leading pros in the 1890’s up through today that have these “4” positions in their swings.

We will make your “journey” fun. Even though your may still occasionally fall back to an old habit, you will be certain that the effort you are making is correct and, with continued application, you will become better and better with the result! Just because what you are attempting to do doesn’t work sometime, does not mean you should abandon the effort. It simply means that you failed to assemble the correct elements of the swing for varying reasons JUST STAY WITH THE PLAN. Your body will become conditioned through proper rehearsal. – Don’t’ change the input! Once we have proven to you that what your practicing is “the best” way for you. Keep it up! There is nothing worse for your game to be jumping from one-way to another several times a year. Your body needs one consistent message and it will perform.


You will find this to be an “Investment” not an expense – we too are investing in you. Our reputation is on the line as well as your hard earned dollars. We want you to be sucessful even more than you do.

You deserve this level of coaching. You can play golf for many, many years. With a short investment of time now, you will have the rest of your life to enjoy the game.

Seeing results immediately is the most motivating force you can get. You will leave your first session with greater skill and an improved game.

We DO NOT believe in the old adage “You have to get worse before you get better”. This is a cop-out by instructors that do not know how to make you better right away.

How many times have your heard a friend or fellow golfer say, “I was OK until I took a lesson”. This is because the instructor gave them too much to think about or made a dramatic change in the student’s current efforts. This will not happen at the Georgia Trail. We spoon-feed our students – a little bit a lot of times!

State of the art video analysis. Sure, anyone can videotape his or her swing, but analysis is the key. What is the worst element of the swing? Many students come to our schools that have several deficiencies in their swing – the progress comes from knowing which one needs to be fixed first.

Developing a golf specific body – not a major overhaul of your physique, but definitely addressing some of the needed muscle groups that will enable you to swing more easily – with less effort both mentally and physically.

THE best medicine for your game is “education”. We are educators first and a coach thereafter. “You can’t be too smart”. There is no such thing as having too much information. How can you fix it if you don’t know what’s wrong? How can you practice if you don’t know what to practice? Hitting balls is not practicing – you are just grooving your mistakes or aligning your errors for interim successes. We look forward to helping you with your game!

Thank you,
Ernie Boshers
The Georgia Trail
Director of Golf
Ernie Boshers, PGA


Lesson Rates

Lesson Rates

Ernie Boshers, PGA
Director of Instruction


60 Minute – $95.00
45 Minute – $80.00
30 Minute – $60.00


60 Minute – $80.00
45 Minute – $65.00
30 Minute – $50.00

Mr. Shane Warawa, CPFT
Head Golf Professional
Lead Instructor


60 Minute – $80.00
45 Minute – $65.00
35 Minute – $50.00


60 Minute – $65.00
45 Minute – $50.00
30 Minute – $35.00

Lesson Packages

PRIVATE – Lesson Packages!

Basic Lesson Package (5) – 10% Savings

Includes: 5 Lessons of any combination

Game Improvement Package (8) – 15% Savings

Includes: 8 lessons of any combination

Tour School Package (12) – 20% Savings

Includes: 12 Lessons of any combination

Special Bonus:

12 each 1 hour lessons purchased within this package entitles student to 20% discount on any lessons for 1 year from date of purchase

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