Teaching Philosophy

Ernie’s experience and knowledge are a great combination. He has developed of a blueprint for instruction that utilizes each individulas set of skills that are unique to that student. Thus building the golf swing incrementally from the hole out to the tee. ALL the elements of a full swing are present in a fifty-yard pitch, students who can develop proper putting, chipping and pitching skills are likely to acquire a more consistent and repeatable golf swing. Too often golf is taught to appease the students desire is hit longer tee shots. However, working from the simplest motion to create an efficient and repeatable golf swing will quickly produce more uniform scores, lower scores and more distance.

The golf swing is a chain of events linked together that create the result of a ball being hit. Each event is linked to the next and as with every chain, your “swing” is only as good as its weakest link. Our expertise along with state of the art video and computer analysis helps us to identify the single worst element. Then our technique focuses our efforts on that portion of the chain (swing). Many students come to our school that have several deficiencies in their swing – the progress will come from knowing (expertise) which one needs to be fixed first. (Identifying the weakest link).